"We CAN grow together" 2020 - SOLD

We CAN grow together – 2020

More than one million tons of aluminum cans are thrown away each year, including spray cans. This not only fills up landfills, but it wastes energy and causes extensive environmental damage.

Together, we’ve destroyed natural habitats. We’ve been careless with the way we treat Earth. We need to change the way we do things. We need to change the way we think.

Recycle and reuse your can, reduce waste.

This was my recycled aerosol can art piece for the CANvas SHOW @thebrewandbrew – 100 artists & 100 spray cans artwork. There were so many cool ideas, so much love and respect, all together in a public place to raise money for the new Hope Graffiti Park and for the artists. Everything has changed now but I am very hopeful about the future and what this transformation will grow into. Thanks to my good friend and great artist @jmuzacz for putting everything together and helping the art community stay together.
Thanks for the love: @hopeoutdoorgallery @somethingcoolstudios @almostrealthings @vivalapainter

March 2020