“Mi casa es tu casa” 2023

I feel honored to have my artwork display at the Austin City Hall and to be part of the City of Austin permanent art collection.

This vibrant artwork pays tribute to the people of Austin, celebrating diversity in the city. The colors used represent the diverse cultures and backgrounds of Austin’s residents. The central focus of the artwork shows people from different ethnicities, races, and genders standing together in unity, symbolizing inclusivity. Flourishing trees and colorful leaves symbolize growth and vitality from embracing diversity. Quotes in different languages highlight the value of cultural exchange and understanding. The artwork represents Austin’s commitment to inclusivity and appreciation of its diverse community.

Thank you Brittney and Alicia for the opportunity and trust on this project.

I love you Austin! 💚🤘🏽
Gracias por todo el amor.

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Austin City Hall
August 2023