Artwork I created to fight “The Zilker Vision Plan” proposed by the city of Austin on August 2023. The proposal included some major changes at Zilker Park, including new parking garages, a pedestrian bridge and an amphitheater.

I did not agree with what the city wanted to do with my park so I painted a series of posters, stickers, t-shirt and a mural around the city to help spread awareness on this matter to help protect Zilker Park and Barton Springs.

On August 7, Austin officially halted the Zilker Vision Plan! I was so proud to be part of the Save Zilker Park PAC and for standing up and fighting for what I love.

We don’t need more concrete, we need to plant more trees and protect the underground springs.

Zilker Park should be restored, rewilded, and operated for pubic park purposes. Zilker Park is where we go to enjoy nature, exercise, and participate in recreational activities. It’s a place for families, friends, and everyone to gather and enjoy the park and each others company. It should not be transformed into an outdoor entertainment district where the goal of making money drives the need to build expensive, environmentally damaging facilities to support private events and concessions.

A vision plan for Zilker Park should speak to the highest aspirations of the entire community, our love of nature, our right to the democratic oversight of public space, and equitable access to Zilker park and parks throughout the city. Parks should be available to everyone regardless of the ability to pay. Public parks belong to the people.

We want the Parks Board and City Council to establish a new vision planning team to write a vision plan for Zilker Park, one drafted by the people, not by a hired consultant.

¡Que viva Zilker Park!

Art Director & Muralist
Zilker Park
August 2023